The top 10 games take 25% of global mobile app revenue

The most popular mobile games eat up a huge amount of mobile game revenue -- and games gobble up the bulk of revenue overall, though it may not matter to rank-and-file devs.

Data suggests that over 25 percent of global mobile app revenue -- $6 billion -- is gobbled up by the top 10 games on Android and iOS.

These numbers come from internet business strategist Michael Wolf, who compiled them as part of an extensive presentation on the future of tech and media.

90 percent of revenue on Google Play and 74 percent of revenue on the iOS App Store come from games, his figures say, with huge amounts concentrated in the most popular games.

Another slide from Wolf's presentation, in fact, shows that the top 20 Google Play developers (of both games and non-games, it seems) earn well over half of the revenue the store generates; they make an average of $265 million per developer, while the low-end generates an average of $8,000 per developer. The numbers are better on iOS, but the discrepancy is still high.

You can see the info below; if you want to comb through Wolf's entire presentation, it's available at Business Insider.

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