The Game Awards lists Titanfall 2 and Overwatch among 2016 GOTY nominees

The third annual Game Awards kick off just a few short weeks from today, with games like Uncharted 4, Inside, and Overwatch competing for the Game of the Year award.

The nominees for the third annual Game Awards were announced today, with familiar titles like Uncharted 4, Overwatch, and Titanfall 2 up for a chance at awards in multiple categories. 

This year, indie games have a strong showing throughout the list of nominees with games like Inside, Oxenfree, Firewatch, and Thumper competing with triple-A titles for awards across the board.

Overall, 63 total games have been nominated across 24 different categories, including some created to honor eSports players and fan-created mods.

The event, produced and hosted by Geoff Keighley, kicks off on December 1st in Los Angeles and will be live streamed on just about every platform available, including VR. A short list of some of the categories and nominees can be found below.

The full list of every game, person, and studio honored this year can be found on The Game Awards website

Game of the Year

  • Doom (id Software/Bethesda)
  • Inside (PlayDead)
  • Overwatch (Blizzard Entertainment)
  • Titanfall 2 (Respawn/Electric Arts)
  • Uncharted 4 (Naughty Dog/Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Best Studio/Game Direction

  • Blizzard
  • Dice
  • id Software
  • Naughty Dog
  • Respawn 

Games for Impact Award

  • 1979 Revolution (iNK Stories)
  • Block’hood (Plethora Project/Devolver Digital)
  • Orwell (Osmotic Studios/Surprise Attack)
  • Sea Hero Quest (Glitchers)
  • That Dragon, Cancer (Numinous Games)

Best Independent Game

  • Firewatch (Campo Santo)
  • Hyper Light Drifter (Heart Machine)
  • Inside (PlayDead)
  • Stardew Valley (ConcernedApe/Chucklefish Games)
  • The Witness (Thelka, Inc.)

Best Mobile/Handheld Game

  • Clash Royale (Supercell)
  • Fire Emblem Fates (Intelligent Systems/Nintendo)
  • Monster Hunter Generations (Capcom)
  • Pokemon Go (Niantic)
  • Severed (Drinkbox Studios)

Best VR Game

  • Batman: Arkham VR (Rocksteady Studios/WBIE)
  • Eve Valkyrie (CCP Games)
  • Job Simulator (Owlchemy Labs)
  • Rez Infinite (Enhance Games)
  • Thumper (Drool)

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