Switch won't support physical 3DS or Wii U titles

Thanks to Japanese game mag, Famitsu, which reached out to Nintendo yesterday in an attempt to tease out more Switch details, we now know a bit more about the console-handheld hybrid. 

It wouldn't be unfair to say that the online unveiling of Nintendo's latest console, the Switch, brought more questions than answers. 

Thanks to Japanese game mag, Famitsu (as translated Destructoid), which reached out to Nintendo in an attempt to tease out more Switch details, we now know a bit more about the console-handheld hybrid. 

For starters, Nintendo confirmed that the Switch won't be able to physically play "Wii U game disks or 3DS cartridges."

The Switch being incompatible with Wii U disks is hardly the biggest revelation, given we know the device will make use of cartridge-like "game cards," but the fact it won't support 3DS games suggests Nintendo isn't planning on phasing out its handheld system anytime soon. 

The console maker also confirmed the Switch will come packaged with "two Joy-Con controllers," which is to say the left and right Joy-Con controllers shown in the trailer, but made no mention of the Switch Pro Controller.

Nintendo remained tight-lipped when asked about its software plans, and -- according to a Tweet from Tokyo-based Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki -- won't be making any official announcements regarding Switch software or tech specs until 2017.

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