Student Hit Octodad's Developers Crowdfunding Sequel

The DePaul Game Dev students behind last year's indie hit Octodad have incorporated a new studio, called Young Horses, and are crowdfunding a sequal to the game via Kickstarter.
The students behind IGF 2011 Student Showcase winner Octodad are seeking funds to develop a sequel. The team has incorporated its own indie studio, called Young Horses, and on Monday launched a Kickstarter to offset development costs for its follow-up. "We have an awful lot of ideas for hilarious gags, ridiculous scenarios, and tooth-grinding gameplay that we just couldn't fit into our humble student game," says the Kickstarter page. "Now that we're a big, bad indie studio, we want to do Octodad justice." The team is just under $5,000 into its goal of $20,000 with 29 days to go as of this writing. According to Young Studios, this money will be used to purchase software licenses, ESRB rating fees, voice actors, marketing and legal costs. If the goal is exceeded, the studio says, it will use the funds to look into console and iPad versions of the game as well. In addition to being a Student Showcase winner, Octodad was an honorable mention in Gamasutra sister site's picks for the top indie games of 2010. A postmortem of Octodad is available in the just-released 2011 Game Career Guide, by the authors of Gamasutra sister publication Game Developer magazine.

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