Stuck in Steam Greenlight: Dev takes matters into his own hands

Stuck in the middle with no way to move up the ranks fast enough to get added to Steam, one dev has founded a Facebook group so devs vote on each others' games.
"I can't force anyone to vote for me, we're just offering a friendly community to showcase your game without getting booed."
- Eugene Ivanov, on his new Facebook community Indie Gamedev Greenlight Indie Gamedev Greenlight is a Facebook group which developers who are "stuck" in the Steam Greenlight system without moving toward release are invited to collaborate and help push their games up in Valve's approval queue. It was started by independent developer Eugene Ivanov out of the frustration of seeing his games not make it onto Steam. The group maintains a list of games for members to vote for; once you vote for those games, you're free to submit your own. Ivanov tells Kotaku that he created the group because "Greenlight is extremely difficult for an indie project to pass." Two of his games, Palm Kingdoms and Dwarf Tower, are in Greenlight voting but neither has enough to be approved -- both are "stuck" with "several thousand votes" and "with no Steam distribution on the horizon," Ivanov says. We spoke to a number of developers who were in the Greenlight process late last year for their opinions on how the program's been working. One developer recently blogged on why he's abandoning his Greenlight campaign, while another offers his take on how to get Greenlit in 2014. Valve has rapidly increased the pace of Steam game releases in 2014, and has alluded to plans to abandon Greenlight in the long run -- with no firm promises of how or when. The company also recently updated the platform and vastly modified its discoverability capabilities, with interesting effects on developers. You can read more about that here.

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