News got eSports dreams, shifts focus to mobile game livestreams

Reports of ever-expanding eSports viewership (and revenue) have lured a new challenger into the mobile game streaming market: livestreaming app, which formerly competed with Periscope.
"Esports was not only growing, but it’s at massive scale. It’s a huge popular sport. We wanted to find a way to get into that market."

- exec Will Jamieson, speaking to VentureBeat about the company's recent shift to focus on mobile game livestreaming

Reports of ever-expanding eSports viewership (and revenue) have lured a new competitor into the mobile game livestreaming market:, which until very recently was focused mainly on livestreaming video from smartphone and tablet cameras.

This is chiefly notable for developers interested in the market for competitive mobile games, currently the dominion of developers like Supercell (Clash Royale, Clash of Clans) and Super Evil Megacorp (Vainglory). 

A handful of tech firms have sprung up to try and do for that market what Twitch and YouTube do for competitive games played on PC or consoles; namely, natively livestreaming mobile games. Kamcord and Mobcrush are perhaps the best-known among them, and each offers both iOS and Android apps that allow users to stream and record their mobile gameplay sessions.

Speaking to VentureBeat, marketing exec Will Jamieson acknowledges that the company (which has until recently been trying to compete with mobile camera livestreaming platforms like Periscope) faces competition in the "livestream your phone/tablet screen" arena, but suggests's entry into mobile eSports coverage may have an edge over the competition in terms of broadcast latency.

The app itself is fairly straightforward, designed to let users stream realtime video with a chat overlay and save 15-second clips from their broadcasts.

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