Start building your schedule for GDC Showcase

The platform for GDC Showcase is open! You can now start building your schedule for this all-free, all-digital event.

Good news game developers! Even though GDC Showcase doesn’t start until March 15th, the developers at Swapcard have opened up the platform for next week’s show early, to help you build your GDC Showcase schedule and let you start meeting with the sponsors powering this month’s all-free, all-digital event.

If you head over to Swapcard now (make sure you've set up your account via the link sent to your inbox), you can start signing up for next week’s sessions, and visit the pages dedicated to our sponsors including Intel, NVIDIA, Unity, and many more.

In case you haven’t heard yet, GDC Showcase will feature a number of different interactive session types, giving you the chance to not just hear from great minds in game development, but chat with them as well!

In Discussion Sessions, you’ll be able to ask questions of GDC speakers new and old in chat while their pre-recorded sessions play.

In Live Sessions, you’ll use Swapcard’s chat feature to ask questions for game industry experts including the minds behind Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ghost of Tsushima, Demon’s Souls, and many more.

And in Partner Sessions, our incredible sponsors will be helping you learn more about the nuts and bolts of making and selling great games in an incredible array of talks and roundtables!

There’s still time to get started with Swapcard and begin your GDC Showcase journey. Sign up today!

For more updates on GDC Showcase, be sure to, visit our websitesign up for our newsletter, or follow us on FacebookTwitter, or RSS.

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