Square Enix to implement permanent work-from-home program in December

Final Fantasy developer Square Enix will be implementing a permanent work-from-home program as of December 1, 2020.

Final Fantasy developer Square Enix will be implementing a permanent work-from-home program as of December 1, 2020. 

The decision comes after the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in employees working remotely for the bulk of the year, and now the Japanese studio said it intends to allow all executive officers and employees to continue working from the comfort of their abode. 

Square explained the program will create "a flexible and diverse working environment" while also bolstering productivity and helping employees strike "the optimal work-life balance."

"The additional options this program creates will also enable the Company to recruit more diverse human resources, as well as to establish an organization capable of adapting to unexpected developments such as disasters and changes in employment models," reads a company statement

"By adopting a new style of working for a new world, the Company will enable employees to unleash even greater creativity as it continues to provide its customers around the world with content and services that fulfill their expectations. In so doing, the Company will strive to further enhance its corporate value."

Square explained a survey conducted in June revealed that around 80 percent of workers had a positive view on work-from-home, and that the program was finalized based on that feedback and other practical considerations. 

The company, however, isn't doing away with offices entirely, and said that 'home based' staffers will work an average of at least thee days per week from home, while 'office based' employees will spend at least three days per week in the office. That said, it expects around 80 percent of its workforce to be classified as 'home based' as of December -- with status changed allowed each month based on workload intensity.

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