Sony reorganizing PlayStation business to improve dev and marketing ops

On the development side of things, the shake up is designed to help Sony woo customers by creating a "broad spectrum" of first-party experiences.

Sony will be reorganizing the global structure of its PlayStation business next month to improve dev and marketing operations on a worldwide scale. 

Starting April 1, all sales and marketing divisions within Sony Interactive Entertainment America (SIEA), Europe (SIEE), and Japan Asia (SIEJA) will report directly to Sony Interactive Entertainment's (SIE) deputy president and head of global sales and marketing, Jim Ryan.

To ensure all three divisions coordinate effectively, Ryan along with new SIE president and CEO John Kodera will be taking executive charge of specific regions -- with Ryan handling Europe, and Kodera overseeing the Americas and Japan Asia with the help of current SIEJA president Atsushi Morita.

On the development side of things, the shake up is designed to help Sony woo consumers by creating a "broad spectrum" of first-party experiences. 

With that in mind, current SIEA president and Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden will dedicate the bulk of his time to helping the company's dev teams -- which includes the likes of Media Molecule and Naughty Dog -- create "platform defining content." 

Phil Rosenberg, previously SVP for business development and publisher and developer relations at SIEA, has also stepped up as the company's new head of global publisher and developer relations. 

Meanwhile, Hideaki Nishino, SIE's current SVP of product strategy and management and corporate strategy, will be assuming the role of head of platform planning and management on April 1.

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