Snowed In Studios launches new division to help high-flying brands make games

Snowed In Studios has launched a new division called Scarab Games to help brands create console and PC games.

Snowed In Studios has launched a new division called Scarab Games to help brands create console and PC games. 

The Ottawa-based company has previously worked with notable clients including Bethesda and Eidos on projects such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the Xbox One port of Fallout Shelter.

It explained its new Scarab Games division will assist major companies and brands, namely those with a Fortune 500 ranking, develop triple-A quality titles. The fledgling outfit said it has created a proprietary roadmap to help companies from a multitude of sectors "distill their history and brand value into deep, story-driven narratives and gameplay styles."

Scarab will also be assembling an outside advisory board featuring a number of high-profile industry veterans to help its clients navigate the triple-A space, and has tapped video game and advertising company Neptune Agency to assist with marketing. 

"We’ve seen famous brands dare to go into console gaming and, years later, find themselves in a position to release blockbuster animated films around those same brands,” said Snowed In Studios' senior producer Nigel Franks. "With direct relationships to publishers, we are equipped to make that possible for brands that were outside of the traditional gaming space."

Snowed in Studios is owned by international game service provider Keywords Studios, which purchased the company for an undisclosed fee in July 2018.

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