Sneak Peek at Video Poker - Original Game! Mobile Gaming App.

Video Poker is undoubtedly most loved gambling method being played by millions of people at different casinos across the globe. Phonato Studios Pvt. Ltd, have taken the initiative to bring the joy of playing Video Poker to the whole new range of smartphon

Phonato Studios Pvt. Ltd, is back with their yet another challenging and much awaited gaming concept, Video Poker. This gaming initiative is called Video Poker - Original Game! and is available on leading applications stores for android and iOS users. Every possible measure has been taken into the consideration for making this game a real experience. The most focused aspects were the game play, sounds effects and the graphics. The game play of this app is designed as per the standard video poker game and do the sound effects and graphics.

This Video Poker - Original Game! is considered to be treat for all those who are crazy about gambling and love going to casinos. One of the best part of this casino based gaming applications is that it can be downloaded for free. In order to make this video poker gaming app more entertaining, thrilling and nail bitting, brand new nine gaming formats are introduced. These formats are named as :-

- Jacks or Better
- Deuces Wild
- Double Bonus
- Tens or Better
- Bonus Deluxe
- Double Double Bonus
- Joke Wild
- Aces And Faces
- Nevada Bonus

Some of the additional and never before gaming features in the Video Poker - Original Game! will be :-

- Fast paced yet very easy to play.
- Sound, music and graphics as similar as to a real casino.
- Option available for multiple betting starting from $1.
- Real cards shuffling effects
- Users can double up their winning accordingly.
- Performance checking statistics.
- Availability of Game Center Leader board.
- User can also win bonus coins on daily basis.

Android and iOS can download this Video Poker - Original Game! via respective links mentioned below :-

Google Play Store "Free" Download Link :-


How to play Video Poker - Original Game! on android tutorial video :-

iTunes "Free Download Link :-!/id664620977?mt=8

How to play Video Poker - Original Game! on iOS tutorial video :-
For more updates about Video Poker - Original Game! and other latest free iOS and android gaming applications, like Phonato Studios Pvt. Ltd :-
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