Slider - 2D Breakout Android game

This blog is about directing massie audience's attention towards AnimDroid game, a new company wanting to exceed well by your support and feedback. Thank you.

“Slider” – 2D breakout game

From the era of tetris, breakout games were among the major hits and were played almost in every type of console. It also started a quite fir and the people were habitual in handling and marking the best scores in that game.

With the passage of time, game developers focused on advancing on various graphical games and with this the classical era’s games were not seemed to be under the mainstream ones.

AnimDroid dedicatedly developed Slider – a 2D break out game under the Unity Game Engine giving a new look and perspective to the breakout games by adding a new concept of smashing the bricks for unlimited period of time. Although with this, one can attain their highest score and can publish them on Google’s Leader board looking where they actually stand through worldwide which is quite an exciting and interesting thing to do. Also, your Google+ circle friends can look into your position and can challenge you with their scores.

Slider has their 4 types of pickups in between the game play dropped when the player smash the bricks ranging from green, red, blue and yellow. Green pickup multiplies the smashing ball into one more. The red pickup reduces the slider bar length and the blue increases it. The yellow pick up increases the player score by +10. Cool han!!


It’s a basic and simple game but enjoyable and fun based interface giving you an urge to collect the more beneficial pickups and score more and more and see how long does it goes. Also, during the game play, the speed of the smashing ball increases with the passage of time giving the player effectiveness to handle it without dropping or missing it from the slider.

For your assistance I am also giving the link below directed straightly towards the AminDroid’s Google Play Store menu.



M. Adil Khushi

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