Sega shuttering two mobile games after parting ways with developer Demiurge

Sega is shutting down its Sega Heroes and Crazy Taxi Tycoon mobile titles after its split from developer Demiurge Studios. 

Sega is shutting down its Sega Heroes and Crazy Taxi Tycoon mobile titles after its split from developer Demiurge Studios. 

Demiurge was purchased by Sega back in 2015, but has now been bought back from the Japanese company by original co-founder Albert Reed. 

That parting of the ways means both Sega Heroes and Crazy Taxi Tycoon will be switched off on May 21, 2020, with in-app purchases being deactivated ahead of time on April 16. Players who made a real-money purchase on or after March 17 will be able to apply for a refund. 

Commenting on the split, Demiurge said it has had an "amazing" five years under Sega's ownership, but is now looking to return to its roots.

"In 2015 we joined the SEGA family of studios. It has been an amazing ride with SEGA over the past five years, working with iconic IP to create a wonderful portfolio of free to play mobile games," reads a Demiurge statement

"Demiurge Studios will return to its roots. Albert Reed, one of our studio’s founders, leads a team that has acquired the studio from SEGA Corporation. General Manager Bart Simon becomes CEO and continues to lead one of the most experienced and talented teams in the industry."

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