Report: NYC Suburb Leads Major U.S. Cities In Per Capita Video Game Spending

A new analysis of U.S. spending habits finds that residents of Long Island suburb Huntington, NY, spend four times more than the national average on video games, while Seattle, WA, has a much lower game spending rate.
A new analysis of U.S. spending habits finds that residents of Long Island suburb Huntington, NY, spend four times more than the national average on video games. Financial analytics firm Bundle ranked the video game spending of the 100 largest U.S. cities by looking at anonymized spending data for GameStop, EBGames and Steam provided by the U.S. government and third-party data providers, such as credit card companies. Fellow New York City suburb North Hempstead, NY, came in second in terms of per capita game spending, with 2.32 times the national average. Laredo, TX, Chesapeake, VA and Modesto, CA rounded out the top five, each near or above two times the national spending average. An abstracted map of Bundle's results shows the heaviest game spending in U.S. cities concentrated primarily in the Northeast, Midwest and South, though certain cities in Southern Texas, California and Colorado also show high spending. The lowest ranked major cities for per capita game spending are primarily in the South, Midwest and Pacific Nowrthwest. Seattle, WA, appears to rank as one of the lowest-ranked major cities for video game spending, a somewhat surprising result for an area known as a game development hub. The Top 50 cities from Bundle's ranking -- along with how the top 20 compare to the national average -- are listed below: 1. Huntington, New York - 4.08 times the national average 2. North Hempstead, New York - 2.32 times the national average 3. Laredo, Texas - 2.23 times the national average 4. Chesapeake, Virginia - 2.12 times the national average 5. Modesto, California - 1.99 times the national average 6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - 1.99 times the national average 7. El Paso, Texas - 1.97 times the national average 8. Cincinnati, Ohio - 1.95 times the national average 9. Buffalo, New York - 1.88 times the national average 10. Virginia Beach, Virginia - 1.82 times the national average 11. Rochester, New York - 1.77 times the national average 12. Birmingham, Alabama - 1.77 times the national average 13. Miami, Florida - 1.72 times the national average 14. Honolulu, Hawaii - 1.69 times the national average 15. Toledo, Ohio - 1.66 times the national average 16. Baton Rouge, Louisiana - 1.57 times the national average 17. Corpus Christi, Texas - 1.50 times the national average 18. Plano, Texas - 1.47 times the national average 19. Fresno, California - 1.47 times the national average 20. St. Louis, Missouri - 1.37 times the national average 21. San Antonio, Texas 22. Wichita, Kansas 23. Montgomery, Alabama 24. Tulsa, Oklahoma 25. Hialeah, Florida 26. Riverside, California 27. Lubbock, Texas 28. San Bernardino, California 29. Fort Worth, Texas 30. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 31. Fort Wayne, Indiana 32. Bakersfield, California 33. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 34. Chula Vista, California 35. Albuquerque, New Mexico 36. Akron, Ohio 37. Jacksonville, Florida 38. Greensboro, North Carolina 39. Tucson, Arizona 40. Raleigh, North Carolina 41. Stockton, California 42. Arlington, Texas 43. Durham, North Carolina 44. Long Beach, California 45. Chandler, Arizona 46. Lincoln, Nebraska 47. Anchorage, Alaska 48. New York, New York 49. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 50. Aurora, Colorado

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