QR Technology, Big Ideas for Gaming

How QR Technology can unlock more features, monetization, and marketing potential.

I recently discovered that Quick Response (QR) technology is being used in the development of hybrid books by publisher Melville House. 

These are those busy stickers people see slapped to the side of garabage cans in NYC that usually connect people to an indie band promotional tracks, provide locations of restaurants, or link to Male enhancement advetisements... (See Left)

According to the Melville House, this is “an innovative publishing program that gives print books the features of enhanced eBooks. ”Through a neat little feature dubbed “illuminations,” readers can scan bar codes in their books using their smart phones and connect with supplement media related to the book (features that come automatically with the ebook editions). (See More)

I am not sure how integrated this technology is in the gaming world, but I believe there is a lot of application for this in marketing, transmedia content, and the monetization of games. I also promise that I am not a spokesman for QR, Microsoft Tag, or related technology.

Stratedy Guides:

There has been a recent immergence of digital stratgy guide apps that offer video walkthroughs and updated content for gamers. A gamer could have his iPad or smart phone next to him while tackling difficult missions on console or PC with the aid of these useful apps, but the trusty ol' paperback doesn't need to take a back seat to these digital guides with QR codes. Pages could have scannable URLs that link readers to a series of video clips that demonstrate the walkthroughs, for example. Perhaps, the QR links readers to game-hosted forums on topics of strategy for an FPS. Limitless.


Many core game companies love publishing novels and comic series to market upcoming titles and enhance the narrative experience of their respective franchises. With QR codes, companies could include the added incentive of printing unique promotional codes that offer exclusive DLC to people who purchase the literature.

Also, they can just as easily enhance the reading experience by linking the audience to cinematic clips, author interviews or commentaries, game trailers, etc. The application of this technology for literature is almost limitless.


Does your game have a promotional poster, an ad in a comic, a feature in a gaming magazine, a series of action figures, etc. Slapping on a QR code is an easy way to link consumers to additional information, trailers, and much more.


QR technology is highly integrateable and reader apps are availble free for smart phone and tablet downloads. Its popularity is steadily growing in America, along with similar Microsoft Tag technology. People will start to respond to these 2d scan codes, each one teasing a consumers curiosity as to the special content that awaits on the otherside of thier mobile device. I certainly would want to see this more and more.

Anybody else have any ideas for ways in which this can be applied to the gaming world? 

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