PSN Users Raise $1.6M In Earthquake Relief For Japan

Sony recently announced that since it began taking donations in mid-March, PlayStation Network users have raised over 129.7 million yen (roughly $1.6 million) to fund the earthquake relief efforts in Japan.
Sony recently announced that PlayStation Network users have donated over 129.7 million yen (roughly $1.6 million) to fund the earthquake relief efforts in Japan. Since Sony began taking donations in mid-March, North American PSN users have contributed $425,000, European and PAL territories have donated $877,000, and Asian territories outside of Japan have generated $27,000, with Japan itself providing $296,000. Sony says the money will go to relief organizations in each territory to aid the ongoing relief efforts in Japan -- these organizations include the American Red Cross, the British Red Cross, and the Red Feather Community Chest Movement. As a bonus, all users who donated to the relief effort also received a custom theme for their PlayStation 3. Earlier this year, Sony itself donated over $3.6 million to the cause, and Sony Online Entertainment contributed to the relief effort by selling special virtual goods in games such as EverQuest II, Free Realms, and Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures. Other companies who helped raise funds for Japan include Electronic Arts, Sega, Nintendo, Namco Bandai, and Tecmo Koei, among others.

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