Pro Counter-Strike: GO team Faze leaves World Esports Association

"After the WESA press conference, we raised the same concerns again and it was the first time we saw the external messaging and communication from WESA - and it concerned us."

After rumors began circulating last week, pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team Faze Clan, have confirmed they've severed ties with the World Esports Association (WESA)

In a statement picked up by ESPN, Faze said it chose to leave WESA as a result of communication and transparency issues which became increasingly concerning. 

"After the WESA press conference, we raised the same concerns again and it was the first time we saw the external messaging and communication from WESA - and it concerned us," said FaZe.

"It doesn't lack big metaphors of what it could be, but it lacks transparency on how to get there and that is the main reason for why we are leaving WESA."

In a follow-up statement posted to Faze's Facebook page, the team explained it had parted ways with WESA on good terms, and suggested that while the concept of an eSports governing body is sound on paper, it needs more refinement before it can be properly implemented. 

"We feel that WESA still has lots of challenges to overcome and we feel that right now it's not the best place for us to be," reads the post. 

"Building a league system with a governing body is interesting and maybe even what e-sports needs to take the next step forward. We believe in time and patience, aligning and unifying the entire scene is the key to bring the true vision to life - which from a conceptual point of view is impressive."

Faze won't have to pay a penalty for leaving WESA, and says that no team will ever be punished financially for opting out. 

WESA reps were recently put under the spotlight by GameSpot, which highlighted how having a player-elected, player-member council help alter rules and regulations was open to abuse. 

The body says it was disappointed with Faze's decision, but accepted it nonetheless. As for issues relating to player involvement, WESA announced plans to bring more teams into the fold sooner rather than later. 

"While we regret the fact that Faze has decided to take this step and are disappointed to see them go, we understand and accept their decision to put their current focus elsewhere. WESA’s next important steps surround players and overall more tangible rules and structure," reads a recent statement.

"This includes an election of the Players Council, the appointment of players in the Executive Board, the formalization of the Arbitration Court to prevent future wrong doings between teams and/or/towards players, and expanding the number of members of the association."

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