Police say 'hoax' emergency call prompted Ubisoft Montreal studio scare

UPDATE Employees are being safely escorted out of the building as police sources speaking to Canadian media confirm the 911 call that prompted the emergency response was a "hoax."

Update 12:30 PST: Police have told Radio-Canada's Kim Vermette that the operation near the Ubisoft building in Montreal seems to be related to an armed robbery.

Montreal police also tweeted that there are currently "no injuries" and it is inspecting the building.

Update 12:46 PST: Employees are being safely escorted out of the building and a heavy police presence remains. Montreal Police say "no threat has been identified," while a group of people remain on the building's rooftop.

Update 2:01 PST: According to Journal de Montreal, those on the rooftop were being evacuated one by one with hands raised. Police sources speaking to Canadian media confirm the 911 call that prompted the emergency response was a "hoax."

UPDATE 4:30 PST: Ubisoft issued a statement on today's incident via Twitter: 

Original story follows

News reports are emerging that a possible hostage situation is underway at Ubisoft Montreal.

The news outlet Journal de Montreal has reported that a "possible hostage situation" is taking place in the building that houses Ubisoft's Montreal offices in Canada. Their reporting states that "dozens of people" are being held hostage.

The Journal's reporting was quickly corroborated by Ubisoft employees working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Community developer Eric Pope tweeted that he was on a call with several employees from the office, who had to leave abruptly before the Journal's report emerged.

Aerial shots (via the Journal) show numerous people on the roof of the building, which houses other businesses aside from Ubisoft Montreal.

Some Ubisoft Montreal employees have tweeted that they were at the building and were able to leave and are safe, while still stating concern for the colleagues still in the building.

A Ubisoft spokesperson told Gamasutra the company is "aware of the situation and working with local authorities."

This is a developing story, we will update it when more details are confirmed by Ubisoft and the Montreal authorities.

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