PlayStation VR nearly sold out in Japan during its launch week

Sony's VR headset sold over 90% of its Japanese supply, but that success didn't necessarily translate into an increase in game or PS4 sales.

The PlayStation VR had a positive launch in Japan, selling over 90 percent of its total stock and 51,644 units in the country, according to a Media Create weekly analysis of the Japanese game market.

The bundle that comes packed with the headset, a PlayStation camera, and Move controllers was responsible for roughly 41,000 of those sales while the standalone headset only accounted for about 11,000.

The headset had an undoubtedly successful first week in Japan, but the VR headset seems to be appealing to existing PS4 owners rather than attracting new people to the platform.

While the PlayStation VR itself sold well, those numbers didn’t seem to lead to an increase in PS4 sales. The console sold just over 30,000 units last week, but that number isn’t significantly different from how it sells in an average week.

While the report doesn’t include information on digital purchases, the same analysis placed PlayStation VR Worlds as the third most popular PlayStation 4 game last week with 5,292, falling behind Rise of the Tomb Raider’s 21,152 sold and Persona 5 Limited Edition with 8,147.

The only other PlayStation VR title mentioned in the report was RIGS Machine Combat League, which was the 9th best-selling PS4 game and the twenty-second across all platforms. 

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