PlayStation teams with UN to reduce carbon footprint of game hardware

PlayStation has joined forces with the United Nations to fight climate change through the 'Playing for the Planet' initiative.

PlayStation has joined forces with the United Nations (UN) to fight climate change through the 'Playing for the Planet' initiative. 

The company announced the news during the UN Climate Summit, and said it will join other games industry leaders in working towards a more sustainable future. 

With that goal in mind, the console maker explained it has already made efforts to reduce the power consumption of the PS4 using efficient technologies like System-on-a-Chip architecture integrating a high-performance graphics processor, die shrink, power scaling, and energy saving modes. 

Those efforts alone have already helped the company reduce its carbon emissions by an estimated 16 million metric tons, which should increase to 29 million metric tons over the next decade.

PlayStation also revealed its next generation console will be able to suspend gameplay using less power than the PS4, and pledged to complete a carbon footprint assessment of its gaming services and report the energy efficiency measures employed at its data centers.

"Our commitments are not only related to hardware and operations, we are also keen to help inform people interested in sustainability goals," commented Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO, Jim Ryan. 

"We have committed to working with the industry and climate experts to develop reference information for use by game developers that wish to include sustainability themes in games. In addition, we will investigate potential PS VR applications that can raise awareness of climate issues and climate experts.

"At PlayStation, we believe games have the power to ignite social change through educating people, evoking emotions, and inspiring hope. We could not be more proud to be part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance and the commitments announced. We look forward to seeing what the industry can achieve together."

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