PlayStation 3 Tops 22M Units In Europe

Sony's PlayStation 3 has passed 22 million units sold life-to-date in Europe, said the company as it steps up its UK ad campaign around the recent price cut to 249 euros.
Sony's PlayStation 3 has passed 22 million units sold life-to-date in Europe, the company said today -- a significant milestone in its view when compared to the life total of the PS2. "PS2 across our territory went well over 50 million units. We’re at 22 million on PS3," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head Jim Ryan told UK trade site MCV. "So there’s lots of life in that still to come." The news comes just a little over a week after Sony reduced PS3 prices worldwide, cutting the system to $249 in the U.S. and 249 euros ($359) in Europe. According to the report, Sony has been promoting the price reduction heavily in the UK with a new outdoor campaign, placing newspaper ads as well as six-sheet posters at over 5,000 roadside sites. UK marketing director Alan Duncan said Sony found it "essential" to promote the price cuts with a "heavyweight campaign" targeting a wider range of users.

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