Online game shop OnePlay snaps up Desura and other Bad Juju assets

Devs should note that OnePlay aims to get game distribution platform Desura and the game bundle services Indie Royale/Daily Royale "back up and running" by the first quarter of next year.

Online game storefront OnePlay has managed to acquire online game storefront Desura and game bundle sellers Indie Royale/Daily Royale from their moribund parent company Bad Juju for an undisclosed sum.

Devs should note that OnePlay aims to get Desura, Indie Royale and Daily Royale "back up and running" by the first quarter of next year.

That's notable news for devs who might want to use Desura as a platform for distributing their work -- even after the company ran behind on its payments to developers last year, months before Bad Juju wound up filing for bankruptcy.

It's unclear whether or not Desura was ever able to make good on all its debts to devs, and if not, whether or not OnePlay will honor those old debts.  

Of course, OnePlay is itself already an online storefront for games (it also offers game rentals and subscription services) so the company plans to relaunch and maintain Desura, Indie Royale and Daily Royale as separate, distinct websites.

It's also yet unclear whether or not OnePlay will be able to salvage and carry over old account data (including purchases) from the old Desure and Royale platforms.

[NOTE: Gamasutra parent UBM was the original co-founder of Indie Royale, but has not been involved with the site for a number of years.]

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