OnePlay: We're not responsible for Desura dev debts

After news of OnePlay’s purchase of Desura and other assets went public, the company claimed via Twitter that it had not assumed responsibility for the debt former owner Bad Juju owes developers.

After news of OnePlay’s purchase of game distribution platform Desura went public yesterday, the company confirmed via Twitter that it was not responsible for repaying any of the money that the previous Desura owner Bad Juju owed developers who used the platform in the past.

“We had no involvement with [the] previous owner and have only purchased some activities from the bankruptcy,” OnePlay explained when asked if it had plans to repay developers. “So the answer is no.”

OnePlay went on to explain that, while developers may be owed money from sales made on the Desura storefront, any outstanding payments are owed from the site's former owner Bad Juju and not from Desura itself.

Initial news of Desura’s inability to pay developers for digital sales of their games first broke over a year ago, shortly before the site’s previous parent company Bad Juju filed for bankruptcy.

Some developers have still not received the money they’re owed for game sales and it seems now that the settlement of those debts is entirely in the hands of in the court handling Bad Juju's bankruptcy case.

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