One of PlayStation's biggest indie dev proponents is leaving Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's head of strategic content, Shahid Kamal Ahmad is leaving the company to step back into the world of game development.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's head of strategic content, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, will leave the company in December to step back into the world of game development. 

Ahmad made the announcement on his personal blog this morning, assuring developers that, even after his departure, the strategic content department will continue to work tirelessly to help them bring their games to PlayStation platforms.

During his tenure Ahmad helped bring numerous indie titles, including No Man's SkyOlliOlliNuclear Throne, and Volume, to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4, attracting indies to both platforms by building an open, inclusive, developer-friendly community. 

After 10 years at PlayStation, however, Ahmad has called time on his indie love affair, explaining that the chance to start creating games again was an opportunity he simply couldn't pass up.

"I want to make games again. I stopped being a developer around a quarter of a century ago and have seen so many changes since then, with most of the exciting ones happening in the last few years," said Ahmad.

"I want to be part of that. It’s that simple. The team at PlayStation, while sad to see me go, completely understands my desire. I am privileged to enjoy their support."

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