Nvidia's new Indie Spotlight program aims to boost devs' discoverability

UPDATED: Nvidia is making a show of support for indies this week via its Indie Spotlight program, a marketing initiative that will see select developers' games hyped via Nvidia's various promo tools.

Nvidia is making a show of support for indie game devs this week by launching its Indie Spotlight program, a marketing initiative that will see select developers' games hyped via Nvidia's various promotional efforts.

Developers who are concerned about their games being lost in the neverending shuffle of today's overcrowded game market may find Nvidia's new program useful, though it's yet unclear what costs (if any) are associated with participating.

At the very least, developers who register and are selected to participate will probably need to fork over some keys, as one of Nvidia's proposed outreach efforts involves bundling copies of Indie Spotlight games with GeForce graphics cards. Other potential avenues of promotion for Spotlight games include Nvidia's GeForce Now game streaming service and its various social media accounts.

Gamasutra contacted GeForce representatives for further details about the Spotlight selection process and what devs can expect to give up and receive when taking part, but has yet to receive a significant response. Those curious to find out for themselves can register to participate in the Indie Spotlight program via Nvidia's dev portal.

Update: An Nvidia representative gave the following further details about the program:

"Each game in the program gets a mini site and feature article.  The pages for Hard Reset Redux and Dead by Daylight should be going live today.  The idea will be to have an Indie subcategory on for people to browse, explore and discover new games.

We will also do other things, such as:

•       Live Twitch broadcasting on our channel

•       Social Media Marketing

•       A blog post

•       Promotion in press

•       Bundle in some cases, and associated ads

We are not going to discuss the terms of our bundles, but they are compensated.

We do not charge for the program."

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