Nintendo's versatile Switch console is powered by Nvidia tech

In a blog entry posted shortly after Nintendo’s announcement trailer, Nvidia detailed the technology that powers the handheld-hybrid console.

Shortly after Nintendo announced the features of its handheld-hybrid Switch, Nvidia followed up with a blog post to detail the technology that powers the modular, tablet-like console. 

Notably, this partnership marks the first Nvidia-powered system in the current console generation since both the Xbox One and PS4 are fueled by AMD. Even Nintendo’s last foray into the console market, the Wii U, was powered by AMD.

This time around, it seems that Nintendo has used Nvidia to create a large portion of both the tech and basic operating software for the Switch.

The Switch is powered by some of the same tech that brought Nvidia’s Shield gaming platform to life, including a version of the Tegra processor custom built for the Switch. 

Additionally, Nvidia created both a physics engine and the new NVN API to bring console-quality gaming to a device that can also be used independently as a handheld.

Hardware-accelerated video playback, custom software for audio effects and rendering, and a custom operating system built to integrate with the GPU are also among Nvidia’s contributions to Nintendo’s new console. 

All of this tech combines to run games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Skyrim smoothly while the console is either outputting to a TV or used on-the-go as a freestanding handheld device.

Aside from what we learned in Nintendo's original announcement and this post from Nvidia, not much else is known about the technical prowess of this new system but we can expect more details to emerge as the console’s March 2017 release date draws closer. 

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