New discount and price-based filters hit Steam Wishlists

The options let players sort their lists in new ways and give them filter to automatically hide titles based on price, discount, or release type.

Valve has introduced a number of new filters and sort options to Steam Wishlists. The new features range from settings that sort games by their current discount percentage to filters that hide Early Access or pre-release games.

The biggest change, and something that could potentially impact developers with titles on the platform, is the inclusion of a number of filters that allow players to hide games based on price, discount, or release type. 

Players can now apply a filter that hides non-discounted games and displays titles that currently only have a price reduction of at least 25 percent, 50 percent, or 75 percent. Once applied, a wishlist filter will remain in effect until manually disabled.

The other new filters that hit Steam today allow players to hide Early Access, VR-Only, and Pre-release on their Wishlist or display only games that are less than $5, less than $10, less than that player's Steam Wallet Balance. Additionally, Steam users can now filter games in their wishlists by popular tags.

Another significant change that arrived to Steam Wishlists today allows players to add wishlisted games directly to their cart rather than the old-fashioned way of clicking a wishlisted item to go to a game’s Steam Store page. Valve notes that, while this seems like a straightforward change, games with multiple versions complicated the switch. So for games that offer different purchasing options like a deluxe edition, Steam Wishlist entries will still redirect to that title’s store page. 

More details on the specific changes can be found on Valve's blog

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