Mojang taps its mobile codebase to put Minecraft on Windows 10

The upcoming Minecraft for Windows 10 basically "is" the mobile (C++) version of the game, according to a developer, rather than the Java-based version that's currently available for PC platforms.

In the wake of the Microsoft acquisition, it's not surprising that Mojang is launching a Windows 10 version of Minecraft to coincide with the operating system's July 29th release. 

What is surprising, from a developer's perspective, is that the Windows 10 version of Minecraft is based on the C++ codebase underlying Minecraft: Pocket Edition -- not the Java codebase of the original Minecraft for PC.

According to a blog post announcing the upcoming Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta, the new PC client will have new features (like in-game video recording) but also support cross-platform multiplayer with Minecraft: Pocket Edition, which is currently available for all major mobile platforms. 

Pocket Edition developer Tommaso Checchi took to Twitter this weekend to note that Minecraft "Windows 10 Edition *is* Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and will always be updated together with it," suggesting that Mojang is effectively making the C++ version of Minecraft its chief codebase going forward.

There's no indication that Mojang will cease supporting the original PC version of Minecraft after the game comes to Windows 10, and those who already own the original will be eligible to download Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta for free.

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