Miniclip acquires UK studio Supersonic Software to expand into the puzzle genre

Miniclip has acquired UK studio Supersonic Software and its subsidiary Appynation for an undisclosed fee.

Miniclip has acquired UK studio Supersonic Software and its subsidiary Appynation for an undisclosed fee. 

Founded in 1988, Supersonic initially worked as a console game developer before pivoting to mobile free-to-play development around a decade ago. Since then, the company has primarily produced puzzle titles like Puzzle Page, Picture Cross, and One Clue Crossword

Miniclip, which develops and publishes a range of titles across mobile, social, and online platforms, said the deal will allow to find a foothold in the puzzle genre.

"This genre is the natural companion to a number of others in which we operate and we see this as a great opportunity to widen our audience further," commented Miniclip president and founder, Rob Small. 

As it stands, Miniclip's game lineup pulls in around 250 million monthly active users on all platforms, but the company has been working to expand its reach with a variety of acquisitions, including recent deals for mobile studio Eight Pixels Square and Gamebasics. Supersonic will become Miniclip's fourth UK studio.

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