Microsoft shuffle sees HoloLens chief overseeing Xbox game makers

Things are changing at Microsoft as corporate vice president Kudo Tsunoda, most recently a chief evangelist for the company's HoloLens headset, takes creative oversight over a few Microsoft studios.

Things are changing at Microsoft as corporate vice president Kudo Tsunoda, most recently a chief evangelist for the company's HoloLens headset, takes creative oversight over a handful of Microsoft studios.

In a video posted to the Xbox Wire Tsunoda outlines his new responsibilities, which now encompass first-party studios like Lionhead, Lift London, Twisted Pixel and Rare as well as the company's partnerships with Platinum, Remedy and other studios.

The move brings with it a host of other staffing changes, including the promotion of former Black Tusk Studios general manager Hanno Lemke to GM of Microsoft Studios in the United Kingdom.

In his absence, Black Tusk's Rod Fergusson (formerly of Epic and Irrational) will take over as head of Black Tusk, which he joined last year to guide its development of the Gears Of War franchise.

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