Learn how to launch an indie studio from your bedroom at GDC Summer

Thinking about starting your own indie studio, but don't know how? Find out at GDC Summer next month, direct from Decoy Games cofounders Ahmed and Khalil Abdullah!

Thinking about starting your own indie studio, but don't know how? Find out at GDC Summer next month, where you'll have access to a great lineup of Career & Studio Development talks intended to help you make wiser, more informed career decisions.

GDC organizers are pleased to confirm that Decoy Games cofounders Ahmed and Khalil Abdullah will be giving such a talk on "The Decoy Games Journey: From Gaming Brothers to Console Devs" that promises to be powerfully relevant for new and would-be indie game makers.

Swimsanity (pictured) developer Decoy Games is a small indie game studio founded by two brothers nine years ago in a bedroom; now the studio is successfully self-publishing games to PC and all consoles. Attend the Abdullah brothers' talk at GDC Summer to learn how they did it, and walk away with practical tips on the best way to get your game published to consoles.

For further details on this session and the many others on offer at next month's event, check out the GDC Summer Session Viewer!

For more details on GDC Summer, scheduled to take place virtually August 4th through the 6th, visit the show's official website, or subscribe to regular updates via Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

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