Last PopCap co-founder still at EA departs to do non-profit work

PopCap co-founder John Vechey is leaving EA to work on new projects, including supporting, the environmental non-profit organization upon whose board he already serves.
Electronic Arts issued a formal farewell to PopCap CEO and co-founder John Vechey today as he departs the company to work on new projects, including supporting the environmental non-profit organization This is notable because it marks the exit of all PopCap co-founders from EA, who bought out the studio in 2011. It's worth noting that as part of that buyout, EA offered PopCap shareholders additional payments based on milestones through the end of last year. Earlier this year we reported that fellow PopCap co-founder Jason Kapalka was leaving the studio to work as a consultant. PopCap co-founder Brian Fiete had left some time before that. In a farewell letter to the company excerpted by EA, Vechey suggests that he has been considering this exit during a recent sabbatical from his role leading PopCap. In the wake of his departure, EA claims that PopCap will continue to operate as an EA studio under the leadership of Cara Ely, Jon David and Steve Mauri.

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