Kongregate's web platform hits 100,000 games landmark

Kongregate's web game platform has now played host to over 100,000 games since its inception nine years ago, the company has revealed.

Kongregate's web game platform has now hosted 100,000 games since its inception nine years ago, the company has revealed.

Those 100,000 games were the work of 29,600 developers, with creators in the U.S. and Canada uploading over 10,000 titles between them. 

According to Kongregate's own stats its web-based games have been played 3 billion times, while the majority of its annual highest rated games have been tower defense titles. 

Web game might be its bread and butter, but Kongregate has been making moves on the mobile market, launching its own free-to-play mobile game division in 2013

More recently, Kongregate dived deeper into the publishing game with Launchpad, an incubator program designed to help indie devs design, fund, and promote their game on the web, and potentially mobile.

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