Keyboard and mouse support for Xbox Cloud Gaming is on the way

Microsoft is encouraging devs to start adding keyboard and mouse support to their games.

Microsoft has confirmed it will bolster Xbox Cloud Gaming with mouse and keyboard support, and is asking developers to prepare for the addition when it's eventually rolled out.

During a virtual talk at XFest22 -- a learning event for creators hosted by Microsoft -- Xbox software engineer Morgan Brown said the company is working on adding keyboard and mouse support to its streaming service for PC users, and implored developers to jump on the bandwagon early.

"Xbox has supported keyboard and mouse for a few years now, and we're working on adding it to streaming for PC users," said Brown. "But you can start adding it to your game right now and your console keyboard and mouse users will appreciate it. It will light up in streaming when we've finished adding it."

The feature was teased earlier this year when Microsoft Flight Simulator head Jorg Neumann said keyboard and mouse support would be the "next step" for Xbox Cloud Gaming (thanks Windows Central).

Although Microsoft has stopped short of revealing when exactly keyboard and mouse support will be deployed, the latest bit of chatter is an encouraging sign for devs and players eager to leverage the feature.

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