Is Ouya's being abused?

Ouya's is being abused when it should have rewarded it's smaller developers.



Ouya's idea, is interesting to me.

The first time I saw this, I know it would be open to abuse.


You just have to read a few comments to see if it is?


Elementary, My Dear Holmes!



“And let's be even more honest, don't pretend like you are going to do anything about these 200 accounts, because we both know if you do it, your campaign won't ever reach its goal.

I tried to be polite and to help you prove you had nothing to do with this, you clearly show your lack of concern in face of the seriousness of the fraud that is taking place here. But if I can't post here anymore, let's this be my last message to you:

Most people know there is an extremely large number of fake accounts that have been used to reach your KS goal. Most know exactly why you do it. We don't want to be mean to you, but please try not to insult people's intelligence too much by acting like you have no idea what's going on. We don't really care if you get OUYA's money, but at least you could have the honesty of saying "OK, we will prove our good will and start a new KS and redirect everyone there". But we all know why you can't (or rather don't want to) do it.

It's OK, it was a good idea, unfortunately poorly executed and many thought of it before you. You will win the money, but the trust and image will be damaged, you can't win on all accounts in this kind of situation.




Gridiron Thunder


Goat: “When I say 'You' fund your own game to get the pledged doubled by OUYA, you are quite correct to precise it's not you personally of course (that may even be against KS rules) but by your friends, family and relationships as you mentioned it. Again, nothing illegal, and at least these backers aren't fake like the ones from the Holmes I game I was referring to in that sentence.”


Goat: “ MogoTXT: " We too want to support other developers and help where we can. This has always been our intent and approach."

How exactly are you doing that? By draining the OUYA Free the Games Fund for a game that hasn't proved any interest from the public, you are doing the opposite of this.

I'll believe you are really concerned about ethics the day you will provide an answer to my previous question:

why a game that has only 140 backers should get OUYA's money more than one who got 500 like this one for example:…

Let's be honest, per KS standards (number of backers), the popularity of your game is extremely low. Yet it's the one that will get the most money from FTGF.

You think you are good at PR and can ignore those questions for 8 more days until the campaign is finished and you don't have to answer questions anymore.

You think people asking these questions are hurting your reputation.

The truth is that you do it yourself by the way this campaign was funded.”


The Games


I don't doubt these two games will come out.. they have to to get 75% of the ouya money!

But will it bring the masses as ouya hoped?.. I highly doubt it.


Why is it open to obuse??

Obviously freethegamesfund is targetted at larger games/companies.

Which ouya decided means more money!




No. We only require the 6-month OUYA exclusivity if we provide funds for your project out of the $1M Free the Games Fund (e.g., you successfully reach your funding objective, surpass $50,000 in funding, and therefore receive matched funds from us). Of course, if you don't meet your Kickstarter goal at all, then maybe that means you can't afford to make a game. We'll be sad, of course, but we'll understand if the game you can't afford to make isn't on OUYA.



I take offense to the last statement, and so should every small indie trying to support their console!

... we'll understand if the game you can't afford to make isn't on OUYA.”

Gee, isn't that 99% of ouya games?? Made by small indie UNITY3D developers?


They are saying here.. hey starving indie dev's don't bother getting our money.. we're not interested in helping indies... we're giving it away for big titles.. something you can't do!


It's a shame there are tagetting larger games/developers.. and I don't understand why (obviously for a killer app and fan base) but in my opinion they targetted the wrong developers:


“The topselling title on Ouya is presently Matt Thorson's TowerFall, which has brought in approximately $21,000 to date, after Ouya's 30 percent cut. The console's other leading title, Adam Spragg's Hidden in Plain Sight, has brought in a mere $4,381.”

Both these indies guys could have used some extra cash to help fund their lives/titles.

I hope ouya learns from their costly mistake!


My thoughts on the ouya console


1. I don't have one.. in Australia they cost a lot more to get (99 Pounds + shipping * AUD conversion is over 200AUD).


2. The controller has no start/select button.. fail!

Especially knowing the console was specificly built to support emulators?? Ouch that hurts!


3. The SDK... is really focused targetted at UNITY3D and including jars on the side


4. NDK support? still inexistant... Epic fail!


The gamestick is looking a lot better now for me, with C++/JAVA/UNITY3D API's.. which actually looks a lot better (controller/leaderboard/in game purchases etc).






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