IronSource opens mobile studio Supersonic Games to create ad-based games

Mobile marketing company IronSource has launched a new mobile game studio called Supersonic Games.

Mobile marketing company IronSource has launched a new mobile game studio called Supersonic Games. 

The new opening will focus on publishing and developing ad-based games, and has already found success with its debut title Sort it 3D, which managed tor each the top of the major European, U.S., Korean, and Japanese charts within a day of launch. 

Developers that link up with the fledgling studio will gain access to IronSource's game growth platform and will also be able to leverage the company's game network. 

As well as extending the company's service line, IronSource chief revenue officer Omer Kaplan has also suggested the studio will strengthen its connection to the games industry by granting it a deeper understanding of the game development process. 

"This new offering strengthens our connection to the game industry and is a natural evolution of our current mission to turn great games into successful businesses,” commented Kaplan. "Our vision is to be the platform which enables our partners to reach their full potential, and getting closer to the creation process of one of the fastest-growing segments in mobile time spent is a key part of that."

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