Indie Royale debuts The St. Patrick's Day Bundle

The Indie Royale game bundle site has announced its return with the St. Patrick's Day Bundle, including acclaimed FPS Hard Reset and the PC/Mac debut of satirical platformer DLC Quest.
The Indie Royale game bundle site has announced its return with the St. Patrick's Day Bundle, featuring five leading independent games available for a bargain, fluctuating price for the next five days. This bundle is headlined by Flying Wild Hog's Hard Reset, an explosive FPS with a dark sci-fi, cyberpunk setting, available on Windows as a Steam key, Desura key and DRM-free download. Hard Reset aims to scratch the old-school shooter itch with fast-paced action, while it appeals to new school fans with gorgeous visuals and a deep, experience-based weapon upgrade system - a Hard but fulfilling namesake. Next up is Brawsome's Jolly Rover, a jaunty Windows and Mac 2D point-and-click adventure, available on Steam/DRM-free for both formats, and as a Desura Windows key. The acclaimed adventure game offers a humorous piratical narrative voyage, featuring dozens of fully animated and voiced characters, and even has a fully integrated hint system for those walking the difficulty plank. Also featured in the bundle is the mathematically stimulating, Steam-enabled Windows and Mac abstract RTS game Vertex Dispenser by Smestorp. Players learn how to manipulate vertices' colors on a geometric field, building color-coded powers for special abilities to defeat the opposition. Rounds can be played out solo or online with a friend across both Mac and Windows operating systems. Rounding out the bundle is an Indie Royale exclusive Windows and Mac debut (DRM-free and Desura) with Going Loud Studios' acclaimed satirical platformer, DLC Quest. Dubbed the Xbox Live Indie Game of the Year in 2011 by Official Xbox Magazine, and now available outside of consoles, DLC Quest pokes fun at an industry seemingly obsessed with downloadable content. Before players can save the girl, they must play through 16 (faux!) DLC packs to enable animation, sound and even... pausing? Two initial bonuses start out the Saint Patrick's Bundle, with more to come! Firstly, the creators of DLC Quest present the bonus DRM-free Windows RPG overhead shooter Lair of the Evildoer. In the amusingly scripted title, players collect over a score weapons and level up while battling hordes of monsters in randomly generated levels. Secondly, the creator of Vertex Dispenser has created Vertex Vortex Remix Cortex, a new puzzle re-imagining of Vertex Dispenser using just simple mouse controls, and exclusive to this Indie Royale bundle for DRM-free Windows & Mac download. Those who pre-ordered or pay more than the minimum for this bundle receive a retro bonus: the NES-inspired 15-track album O.S.T: Original Soundtrack from Daniel Capo, available in FLAC and MP3 file formats. As always, generous purchasers keep the bundle price low and give more to developers, as Indie Royale runs on its familiar five-day model where the price will automatically increase as more people buy the bundle. Indie Royale was co-created by Gamasutra sister site and independent game download service Desura. More information on the St. Patrick's Day Bundle, including real-time statistics and its current price, is available at its official website or via its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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