Indie Fund's revised loan template is now available for public use

Anyone looking to draw up a loan agreement for indie game dev can now freely study & repurpose Indie Fund's latest contract template, which the longtime indie investment group published this week.

Anyone looking to draw up a loan agreement for indie game development can now freely study and repurpose Indie Fund's latest contract template, which the California-based investment group created last year and published for public use this week.

This is a notable revision because (among other things) it allows for a variable number of investors, each of whom may contribute a varying amount of funding.

It's a significant change for devs because, as outlined by an Indie Fund blog post, the new contract requires developers receiving funding to do a bit more work managing payments to each investor after a game has launched and is actually generating revenue.

The contract was revised after Indie Fund restructured last year to allow it to bring in outside investors. At the time, the restructuring was described as a way to reinvigorate the fund (which has poured money into everything from Her Story to Mushroom 11 to Armello) and its founding team of seven indie devs with more money, new ideas and new perspectives.

Now, the Fund has grown to be a collective of 24 investors, and organizations interested in repurposing its loan template to duplicate or one-up its efforts in other countries are encouraged to do so.

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