Indie Fund offers useful tips for pitching

Even if you aren't gunning to get funded by the group that backed hits like Fez and Her Story, advice offered in a new blog is helpful for anyone talking about their game.
"Is the game interesting, special, and well-crafted? Any financially successful game first needs to have some combination of these qualities..."

A new blog post on the Indie Fund site outlines advice on how to pitch for the group's expanded funding -- but it's also, more generally, a useful look at the kinds of questions you might ask yourself about your project.

It's a useful list of four questions to consider:

  1. Is the game interesting, special, and well-crafted?
  2. Do we believe the team can achieve their goals with the game?
  3. Do we think the game will make enough money so we can recoup our investment and the developer can make their next game without any outside funding?
  4. Will the game’s proposed budget and schedule result in the creation of a financially successful game?

The way they're phrased is specific to Indie Fund; the questions themselves, though, have broad implications and offer key concepts to consider when thinking about your game and how you'd pitch it to people.

You can read the full blog post on the Indie Fund site.

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