How To Create Viral Videos for Your Offline Clients

Businesses that have attempted to humour into their marketing have been noticed a lot. For example, take a look at this video that was created 1 and half years ago.

Businesses that have attempted to humour into their marketing have been noticed a lot. For example, take a look at this video that was created 1 and half years ago.     This video has generated over 124,000 views as of now! Now this does not mean start lying to your audience and make a video in the hope it goes viral. No the key to helping businesses go viral with their videos is to leverage existing resources and use them to create a video. In the next section of this bonus I am going to show you the exact sources you can use for your offline clients to create a viral video for them. Resources you can use Go Animate You can use a service called Go Animate that allows you to create animated videos that you can upload on Youtube.  Imagine if you created a quick “demo” animated video for your potential client? All you need to do is make the video funny and your client will be thrilled.  You can choose a plan to suit your business. I would go for the Premium plan for $50 a month that allows you to create full HD commercial videos without watermarks. You can also use   to  create quick animated videos and upload them on Youtube. My favourite leverage tool has to be Fiverr.
Here are some Fiverr Gigs I highly recommend you use if you want to create viral video for your offline client.    This is my favourite gig because for just $5.00 you will have a professional puppet talk about your client’s business in a very funny way. You can pay more and have this guy to say almost anything you want! Here are other Gigs you might want to check out.

In the next section I am going to show you briefly the exact message I send to potential clients. Contacting potential clients When it comes to contacting potential clients you need to make sure that they are spending money on online marketing. Once you have found a potential client simply send them the following message.

Hi there,
I am an online marketing expert and I would like to show you this funny video. This generated up to X amount of views. This video is now viral which means people around the world are talking about this. I specialise in videos like this and I can create you a similar funny video. These videos can also generate extra revenue for your business. If you are interested give me a call on xxx-xxx-xxx or simply send me an email. Regards

That is all you need to send to potential clients. All you do is show them a demo video you can find on Youtube that has lots of views.
Once they see the potential of the video and the fact that they can generate revenue through Youtube’s advertising programme they will be more than willing to pay you $97.00 for your service.
I hope this bonus report has given you lots of ideas on how to offer your own viral video service to offline business owners.

How To Create Viral Videos for Your Offline Clients

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