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How much does it cost to go to PAX East?

In this post I talk about some of the benefits we got from PAX East, and break down the costs associated with going. We're from Montreal, but this can apply to anyone anywhere.

Last weekend, the whole Clever Endeavour team went down to Boston to show our game, Ultimate Chicken Horse, at PAX East. We had a great time, everyone who played seemed to love the game, and we met some great people. 

We wanted to give some quick insights on how much is costs to go to PAX, and talk about the benefits we got from being in Boston at this year's expo. Below you can see our booth setup, nothing too fancy but that's part of how we kept the costs low.

This is our third PAX now (having been to PAX Prime in 2015 and PAX South in January 2016), and it's getting much easier. The game is pretty much able to show itself, as players figure it out while watching and waiting for their turn. Once they're on, we rarely have to explain anything because one of the other players will have figured it out, and we let the players interact with each other without much intervention. 

The booth filled up pretty quick...

The show was a great way to meet fans (and future fans, we hope!) and to reinforce our presence on the global stage. Being part of the Megabooth of course was amazing, and gave us a great amount of visibility. While we didn't have any specific goals of getting press or new YouTubers, simply the fact that we were there and people saw us means that we'll continue to be talked about when multiplayer party games comes up in conversation.

Some Fun Numbers!

  • 240 copies of UCH sold
  • 36 people at the booth at once (max that Rich counted)
  • 5 interviews conducted
  • 25 hours of booth showing
  • 3 of us manning the booth, making it quite easy to manage
  • 18 studios from Quebec (not just about us, but still cool)

Some less fun, more useful numbers: how much does it cost to go to PAX East from Montreal?

The only uncertain number here is the cost of meals, because we haven't yet sorted through all of our bills, but this was a high estimate either way. If you're driving, the trip is cheaper of course, but if flying you could add another $200-$400 per person depending.

Let us know if you have any questions about this... but see? It can be quite cheap to go to PAX! And fun :D

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