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Google's chief game designer Noah Falstein steps down

"Unfortunately, the opportunity to actually build the big, consequential games that I had been hired to help create failed to materialize."

Google's chief game designer Noah Falstein has stepped down after four years with the the internet and tech giant. 

The games industry veteran, who's storied career has spanned almost four decades, decided to leave the company after becoming disillusioned at the lack of tangible game dev opportunities being presented to him. 

"Four years ago this month I became Google’s Chief Game Designer. It seemed an auspicious time to be able to make games at a company known for its world-spanning technology," wrote Falstein on his personal website.

"Unfortunately, the opportunity to actually build the big, consequential games that I had been hired to help create failed to materialize, even as the world market for games has continued to grow in size, diversity, and geographic reach. Accordingly, I’ve decided to leave Google, and today, April 6, was my last day."

Despite his own personal reservations, Falstein championed Google's talented workforce and positive mentality, but explained he's not quite ready to give up on making games. 

Moving forward, the former Lucasfilm Games and Williams Electronics designer is keen to explore some uncharted waters, and says he's particularly energized by the "confluence of games neuroscience, and VR."

"Before I came to Google I had the pleasure of working on a number of health and neuroscience game titles, and that field is now maturing, and I think about to come into its own both in terms of its benefits to humanity, and feasibility as a business," he continues. 

"Whether neurogaming, interactive VR films, or some other yet undreamt-of territory will be my next challenge, I’m eager to begin exploring."

You can read Falstein's full farewell post over on his personal site, The Inspiracy.

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