Glyph is Trion Worlds' new DRM-free digital game platform

Trion Worlds announced today that it will be launching DRM-free a digital games platform featuring titles from Trion Worlds and select partners sometime after GDC 2014 next week.
Trion Worlds announced today that it will be launching Glyph, a DRM-free digital games platform featuring titles from Trion Worlds and select partners, sometime after GDC 2014 next week. The platform bears more than a passing resemblance to Trion Worlds' Red Door project, an initiative announced by then-CEO Lars Buttler in 2011 to research and design a digital distribution platform that would allow developers to boost the discoverability of their games and take advantage of the Trion Platform network technology during development. According to an interview with Trion Worlds CEO Scott Hartsman published today by GamesBeat, Red Door was retired at some point -- Glyph is a similar system built on different technology. Hard details on Glyph are scant at this point -- the stated goal of the platform is to expose a wider variety of games to Trion Worlds' audience, which encompasses roughly 10 million players across games like Rift and Defiance. "We’re interested in making it easier for our players to discover games and developers we want to support," stated Hartsman in the press release. "While boosting visibility for those developers in the increasingly crowded world of PC digital gaming." Hartsman told GamesBeat that the platform will not be a direct competitor to Steam, yet also claimed Glyph users would be able to purchase games and gift them to their friends. Games can also be crowdfunded through Glyph, and users will be able to purchase virtual currency that can be spent in Glyph games. The company has been working with select partners since early 2014 to make their games available on Glyph, and the platform is expected to launch weeks after GDC 2014, which is happening next week in San Francisco. Trion Worlds claims all games sold on Glyph will be free of DRM utilities and will not require an Internet connection at all times. Trion Worlds is encouraging developers who want to get their games on Glyph to contact its developer outreach program via [email protected]

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