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Get Funded campaign - the opportunity for studios to win 100k investment is coming to the end. We'd now like to pass on the knowledge we gained during six months journey to game developers.

Back in January we deliberated on how we could facilitate the emergence of new games against a backdrop of hundreds of new games being released daily. Collecting and analyzing data and making data-driven decisions is one obvious way. But what additional measures could we take? We persuaded our investor to create a Get Funded challenge, where applicants competed for a $100,000 investment.


Today, almost six months later, our judges are working hard to select one winner. We'd now like to pass on the knowledge we gained during this process to game developers.


1. Follow the "rulez"


Although we received more than 800 applications, only 94 studios fulfilled the brief. We saw a few really promising games creators miss their opportunity simply by not following the basic rules of implementing our tool to their game.


2. If you don’t know, ask!


We feel sorry for games that failed to qualify because of a lack of communication. If you decide to take part in the competition, don’t feel ashamed to ask even the most basic question. We have many passionate people within our team who are eager to help you.


3. Creativity / execution ratio


We believe that great games are created by the perfect creativity / execution ratio. The Get Funded judges also believe this. We encountered a few extremely interesting ideas which were held back because of poor execution and also a few well-executed games with little creativity. When you're devising your new game, try to find a balance between these two criteria.


Next week we'll provide a detailed analysis of 3 of the 5 best games from Get Funded. The finalists are:


  • Bubbla

  • Future Factory

  • Get the Gun

  • High Octane Drift

  • Infinitum

Wish them luck.

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