Get a job: Join Nintendo as a Assistant Manager, Special Projects

Nintendo of America is looking for a bilingual Japanese speaker to join its team as an 'Assistant Manager, Special Projects.'

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Assistant Manager, Special Projects (Bilingual: Japanese) - Nintendo of America

Location: Redmond, Washington

  • Outlines strategy, ideates, advocates for, and executes 3rd party marketing opportunities that deliver meaningful consumer awareness, engagement, and sell-through, in partnership with Product Marketing leadership / internal stakeholders / partner organizations and with a focus on special projects such as video executions, trade shows integrations, etc. as personally owned area of business
  • Supervises integration of 3rd party content into highly complex global special projects, including Nintendo Direct videos and E3, and contributes to creation of and adherence to complex project charters and schedules that can be highly interdependent on efforts of global stakeholders and internal / external partners
  • Sets strategy, documents, and communicates 3rd party Special Projects calendar
  • Spearheads development and implementation of best-in-class project-management practices across PDR product marketing team and global stakeholders
  • Supervises hardware loan program for 3rd party developers
  • Collaborates with internal stakeholders, partners, and vendors to create value-adding merchandising opportunities for Nintendo’s 3rd party business (engaging and innovative promotional items, etc.)
  • Work in close partnership with other global regions (NCL and NOE) in both English and Japanese to design and execute special projects based on best practices.
  • Creates and executes marketing funding agreements / Action Memos, reviews / approves invoices, and manages budget allocated to owned area of business
  • Supervises work of assigned staff, including delegation of tasks and provision of guidance / training
  • Evaluates effectiveness of marketing investments in owned area of business and adjusts plans accordingly to continuously improve ROI and deliver on PDR business goals. As part of this work, supervises the generation and analysis of applicable reports on an ongoing and ad hoc basis and drives recommendations based on said learnings
  • Acts as a compelling front-line representative and advocate of PDR marketing and departmental priorities / goals with internal and external stakeholders
  • Manages the support of internal initiatives generated by NOA Sales and Marketing teams that involve 3rd party content and impact owned area of business
  • Analyzes and understands market / consumer / retailer / industry trends
  • Briefs internal and external stakeholders on priority initiatives for owned area of business in a timely and productive manner
  • Coordinates and delivers internal product demonstrations
  • Evaluates games in various stages of development to assess product quality, demand potential, and alignment with strategic objectives
  • Works closely, effectively, and in cooperation with external and internal stakeholders to ensure assets and marketing materials are accurate and consistent with key messaging and strategy
  • Works with highly confidential information in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment that requires scheduling flexibility during peak seasons
  • Up to 15% travel
  • Other duties as assigned 
  • Five+ years of related experience in marketing or game publishing
  • 1-2 years of people management / team leadership with demonstrated growth potential
  • Proven experience in end-to-end project management under strict and tight time constraints
  • Proven experience with managing and maintaining project budgets
  • Proven experience working with cross-discipline teams (PR, Advertising, CRM, Retail, Web, etc.)
  • Japanese fluency (spoken and written)
  • Familiarity with Nintendo’s platforms, IP, and 3rd party content strongly preferred
  • Software proficiencies: Advanced Microsoft Office, with emphasis on Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams; online tools and systems, with emphasis on Oracle Tools and Confluence
  • Undergraduate degree in Marketing Management, Project Management, Business Administration, a related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience

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