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The team is looking for someone to lead communications (PR, Social, Community) activities as pertaining to Game Mechanic Studios and its products.

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Community Manager, Game Mechanic Studios

Location: North Hollywood, California

Primary Function

Lead Communications (PR, Social, Community) activities as pertaining to Game Mechanic Studios and their products. Working within the marketing team, this role is expected to lead external product communication for all Game Mechanic Studios products, including ideation, strategy and execution of: PR activities and social media and community engagement.


Leads and manages logistics and inter-team communications, ensuring the Communications team achieves its objectives for each title in coordination with the marketing team.

Role in Strategy / Planning

Leads and contribute to domestic external communications strategy for overall IP, as well as title-specific launch strategy and execution across media relations, community, and social engagement.

Knowledge / Problem Solving

Capable of critical analyzing and solving communications problems with little notice, incorporating holistic knowledge and experience between media relations and community engagement with business goals.

Negotiations / Interactions

Interacts with internal and external partners, including first party, agencies and talent, peers and managers, to exchange information related to campaign strategy and execution.

Assignment of Work

Receives work in the form of short-, mid-term and long-term assignments that require pro-active communication and knowledge of communication best practices.

Oversight Received

Work is subject to regular supervisory review at regular intervals. Operates within the context of generally defined procedures.

Specific Job Duties

  • Work with Communications and brand marketing teams to execute and support communications plans for all Game Mechanic Studios IP, ensuring approvals and input has been achieved by all stakeholder with consideration to deadlines and the business.
  • Manage agency support
  • Support community engagement on reddit, ResetEra and Discord, as well as engagement with fans on social, is a must.
  • Traffic assets, maintain timelines, take notes during meetings, track milestones to support the established marketing and comms department (PR, social, community) schedules.
  • Collect and analyze press coverage, including but not limited to previews, reviews, and special articles, and community sentiment.
  • Analyze and report metrics pertaining to community sentiment and social engagement
  • Manage process of procuring, distributing, and securing preview/review code, resulting in maximum press coverage.
  • Management of all communications assets, including scheduling, creation, approval (in-company, first-party and third-party), and publishing to achieve pre-set beats.
  • Edit and revise copy for media relations and community engagement.
  • Maintain strong media contacts in the video game industry
  • Manage follow-ups and other communications with journalists, influencers, and other public communications.
  • Arrange communications events, such as hands-on presentations and media tours, or fan meet-ups, cosplay and gameplay events as pertaining to scheduling, reservations, shipping, social posting and other logistics.
  • Act as subject matter expert (SME) for all assigned titles and represent Game Mechanic Studios and IP at live events and through audio and video media presentations.
  • Evaluate, create, and assemble, materials for press kit.
  • On-camera streaming of game content and licensed materials when required.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Range of 4-6 years in public relations, video game or fan community management experience, or comparable experience in another field
  • An incredible ability to maintain hold of many moving parts across multiple projects
  • Familiarity with event and tournament logistics and planning
  • Fluency in other languages a plus, especially Japanese
  • Excellent verbal and written communication
  • Familiar with WYSIWYG editors
  • Knows Microsoft Office inside and out
  • Regularly uses at least two social media platforms and is familiar with back-end analysis of metrics and scheduling
  • Basic skills in Adobe Photoshop and knowledge of basic web graphics formats
  • Knowledge of publisher streaming over Twitch, YouTube, as well as streaming partner relationships
  • Knowledge of content creation for Instagram and Facebook stories
  • Community-building knowledge and engagement experience are preferred, especially in regards to reddit, ResetEra and Discord
  • Professional demeanor and the ability to carry out business communications
  • Industry/professional experience a plus

Job Type: Full-time


  • public relations: 4 years (Required)
  • video game or fan community management: 3 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)

Work authorization:

  • United States (Required)

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