Get a job: Blizzard is hiring an HR manager

Blizzard Entertainment is looking for a Human Resources Manager to join its Irvine, CA team. "Serve as a business partner to the team by helping to create a supportive and innovative HR programs to suit the team's initiatives."
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Human Resources Manager, Blizzard Entertainment

Location: Irvine, CA Responsibilities:
  • Serve as a business partner to the team by helping to create a supportive and innovative HR programs to suit the team's initiatives.
  • Assess, help design, deliver, and facilitate human resources programs, employee communications, employee relations, and compensation and benefits.
  • Help drive people development initiatives for his or her teams, including performance management, talent and succession planning, and individual development plans.
  • Support the team's employee opinion survey efforts by helping create, and drive action plans.
  • Provide coaching to management and employees to resolve conflicts, enhance team effectiveness, and ensure support of organizational changes and business plans.
  • Implement human resources policies, and ensure compliance with legal regulations.
  • Oversee customer service and IT human resources in Irvine, and participate in HR related initiatives and projects for global customer service and global IT.
  • Participate in strategy sessions with the HR team on policy and HR practices. As needed, complete administrative tasks for the teams you support.
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