GDC Highlights: Epic acting, Disney crosses roads, & #1reasontobe

With day 3 of GDC16 complete, we're bringing you a sample of news and reactions from the show floor and viewers at home.

And with that, GDC is almost halfway complete! As the Expo floor opened up today, we too are opening up with more updates on the day’s social highlights, from attendees at the show and our own coverage on Gamasutra. 

Be sure to follow us @Gamasutra on Twitter for live updates during GDC, and check out our Vine profile for developer tips from attendees at the show!

Epic showed off an impressive new motion capture technology today called Sequencer, introducing film-style workflow solutions to character animation—the live performance on stage captured imaginations in the audience, and raised the possibility (for better or worse) of introducing live-action actors into a field traditionally populated by voiceoverr artists.

Ninja Theory's Hellblade (seen above) served as the demo game for the mo-cap performance demonstration of the announcement. 

Outside the show proper, Disney announced a Disney version of Crossy Road, bringing Pixar and Disney Animation directors to the stage to discuss Disney’s future in the gaming space.

As the Expo floor opened up, so too did the Alt Ctrl GDC exhibit, with attendees bewildered at the unique control schemes of everything from lollipops to telephone switchers. If you’re curious about these unique types of games, be sure to check out our interviews with some of the developers. 

We spent a little time today talking to VR developers and getting some design tips—more to come as the show goes on!

And lastly, the 1 Reason to Be panel returned this year with an an international focus, inviting developers from South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and beyond to tell their stories about developing games in other countries. 

That’s it for Day 3, stay tuned to for further coverage and announcements straight from GDC 2016! 

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