GDC Highlights: Engine action, VR pricing, and effective advocacy

With Day 2 of GDC complete, we've brought you a quick roundup of news, takes, and insight from the show floor.

Day 2 of GDC is complete! With another huge day of sessions, demos, and design tips under our belt, we’re taking another break to catch you up on some of the day’s social highlights, both from attendees at the show and our own coverage here on Gamasutra. 

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Crytek and Unity both shook up the engine game this morning with announcements on their new engine plans—Crytek announced that their next engine will be pay-what-you-want, and Unity introduced plans for developer certification that will undoubtedly shake up the hiring field. 

And VR still remains a HUGE talking point, with Playstation holding a separate press conference to announce the pricing of their VR headset. though the price of the headset may rank the lowest currently, multiple developers pointed out the Move and camera costs will still raise the price of the overall rig. 

Or “Deck” if you’re feeling so inclined. 

The advocacy track continues to be popular with attendees on the floor, with lines and crowds showing up for several talks providing practical advice for building inclusive environments in games.


And as the day closed out, the 2016 Indie Soapbox provided lesson after lesson from indie developers who’ve survived all kinds of challenges while trying to make it as game developers. 

That’s it for Day 2, stay tuned to for further coverage and announcements straight from GDC 2016! 

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