Games for Windows Phone...

Yesh, it's that horribad...

Games for Windows Phone. Yesh, it's that horribad.

For the past few years all I used was and sometimes

Once I dropped Valve's Source engine to use Microsoft's XNA Framework, I started to wander around's X-BoX 360 Indie Games. And then's games. Finally, I bought a Windows Phone to play my own game, Monsters of War...

Games for Windows Phone...

1. Pay once, release everywhere:
I pay you once, I release my game everywhere. It's 2014. Stop making broke n00bZ forced to pick a single $100 platform to release on.

So, let's see. If I have a single $100, will I release on Windows 8? Windows Phone? X-BoX? If you picked answer D, you are correct. I wouldn't develop anything for Microsoft. I wouldn't learn Microsoft's platforms, frameworks, engines, pipelines. Eventually, it may take a while, but at some point that broke n00b learns something and actually releases a game worth playing. And it won't be on your platforms.

2. Pay once, play everywhere:
I pay you once, I play my game everywhere. Nintendo article creators are constanly bad mouthing them. Apparently paying for the same game on a console and a cell really pisses customers off. Android/iPhone have become so dominate(Because of texting/calling?), they even beg Nintendo to
release on those platforms aswell.

3. App to browse Games for Windows, Games for X-BoX:
Speaking of games... Why is there no app to browse X-BoX 360, X-BoX OnE, and Windows 8 games? The few times I tried looking for Windows 8 games, using my Windows 7 computer, all told me to do was buy Windows 8. It's kind of like going to GameStop and being carded at the door.

4. Screenshots at random angles:
I really like becoming a bobble head to look at game screenshots.

5. No videos:
There's no videos. (Although this will be flooded with stories)

6. No videos forcing gameplay:
There's no forced gameplay videos. (Although some developers would have a hard time with this after their game crashes so much)

7. Beyong touch input:
Can you use a mouse, keyboard, gamepads? Sorry, I'm broke and haven't bothered looking for accessories. But I make an XNA game... Gamers really enjoy touchpads... But they also like, you know, real buttons and the unbeatable mouse.

8. Flooded with Guides:
I click games... "Games". It's starting to become flooded with "Guides". "Game Guides" aren't "Games". "GAME GUIDES" are NOT "GAMES".

9. Multiple Smart Glass apps:
Why is there an X-BoX 360 Smart Glass, an X-BoX OnE Smart Glass, a Windows XP/Vista/7 Smart Glass, a Windows 8 Smart Glass...? Is there even a W7 SG?

10. Game discounts? Nearly non-existant:
Two words... "Steam Sales". My game is $1 and ain't even worth that yet. But digital sales on paid games are becoming incredibly important. If they're not already the be all, end all of $$$...

11. Game modifications:
Mods. Modifications. Mods = Money. Moneyless Modders™ can make you millions!!!111 $$$1,000,000

12. What happened to XNA?
There's a serious lack of XNA games on Windows Phone. Or even on Windows, for that matter. XNA games should've been on Games for Windows. XNA_GameStateManagement should've been more developed. But really, what's the hold up? Avatars? Online play? Resolutions? 3D models? Lack of
touchpad support? I just don't know. My game is basic. But it's also not on Windows or X-BoX and all I have to blame is you and my game being too basic to release on Desura/Steam/Wherever.

13. Xbone cannot even run a Windows Phone emulator?! WEAK!
X-BoX OnE has a power level of OVER 9,000!!!111 Yet where's my crappy XNA games? You n00bZ really don't have an emulator for Windows Phone or X-BoX 360?

14. Reviewers are almost nobodies:
1-5 stars... Reviews. Usually complaints about horribad controls or the incredible amount of crashes. But if there's a reviewer I like, I don't get to click on her profile or anything. I think for me, I'm going to start making YouTube videos and link them just above my normal text review. At least YouTube may allow me to make some money from my review. As long as there is no music?

For $60 I got a Nokia Lumia 520 and my Monsters of War game! Internet Explorer is good, there's some games, but overall Games for Windows Phone is lacking. Computers/Consoles/Cells are becoming integrated, but we won't really see the most out of it until the next generation.

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